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5 Myths about Gamer Girls | by John Adams

If you think that the term ‘gamer girl’ sounds sexist, you might be on to something. You have obviously never heard terms like ‘gamer guy’ or ‘gamer boy’, which proves that gender discrimination is prevalent in our society. Surveys suggest that the male to female ratio is PC, mobile, and PlayStation gaming is 1:1. If about 50% of gamers on all platforms are females, then why is this another industry linked to male domination?  It is true that both genders have different motivations and preferences for playing, but more than often their aspirations overlap. Many games have a bigger male audience and others are more popular among females. At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules; it is totally acceptable for a guy to love ‘Farmville’ and it is no criminal offense for a girl to fancy ‘Call of duty’.  Now let us bust five myths about gamer girls: They are Boys posing as Girls ‘All gamers are men’ is a popular belief that defies the existence of women who like video games. I

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