Sam's Theory | A Book Review.


Hey guys! It’s me again.
If you read my previous post, I told you that I was going to write a review about an awesome book that I’m reading, so HERE IT IS!

This book is called ‘Sam’s Theory’ written by Sarah Mendivel. It’s about a teenage girl Sam who runs away from the house which is supposed to be her ‘home’. She experiences abuse and violence and lives in terror, before deciding to run away. Sam finds a mysterious woman called Theory and with her help, she is healed and sets out to fulfill her aim. Her only aim is to get her little sister Nova back safe and sound as she is feared for her life. Sam is apprehensive that in her absence, her sister might be the one who’ll get harmed.

To start with, this book deals with teenage abuse and depression. The book is special because it has built-in therapeutic advice and is now being used at a teen treatment centre in Utah, as well as at various high schools in the town.

This book taught me so many things. From soup to nuts, Sam’s Theory has a gripping story line which made me go on and on till the final word.

While reading, I could feel all the emotions, because everything was written with so much detail. Each and every thing was explained about the situations and feelings felt by Sam. I could imagine all of it happening right in front of my eyes. The book talks about beautiful places and backdrops. Some are haunting, some are dangerous, but some are just simply beautiful!
The best thing about the story is that it’s not gloomy or painful throughout but has a touch of humour too to make you laugh.

It taught me about many truths of life or I should say the other aspects of life in real sense. It taught me that everyone has different traits in them, and some of those traits are so very strong. It also taught me that imagination is a very powerful thing. In the book, Theory helps Sam realize many things on her own, likewise, this book made me realize things on my own. It taught me a great deal about trust and reliability. Sam goes through an emotional tornado, like we all do, but after reading this book, I felt so much better about myself.

Another amazing thing about Sam’s Theory is that it is written in such an easy way that it is extremely easy to understand. Tough feelings and situations are explained so clearly that it made me want to read again and again.

Sam’s Theory is one of the best books I’ve read so far, and I’m glad I could get a chance to read it. It adds value to my collection of good books, and like we say Books create an impact on a person, Sam’s Theory certainly made a big impact on me.

The author’s goal is to reach as many young people who have had secrets as possible to re-empower them, so let all of us help her achieving this.

The following is the link to the author’s website:

I once again recommend to you all to read this book, teenagers, adults, everyone. This will truly change your life in some or the other way.


Also, I might be taking a small interview with the amazing author of Sam’s Theory, Sarah Mendivel.
So please stay tuned to Tiny Teenage Tales.

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